The Golden Knights defeated the Dallas Stars in the round-robin tournament portion of the playoffs, but what did the victory really tell us about how Las Vegas will do going forward?

The Las Vegas Golden Knights defeated the Dallas Stars Monday Night in their first game of the restarted season. While the team got scored on three times, they were able to come back to win the game 5-3.  The victory was probably a little too close for comfort, especially since the team is testing out which goalie to continue with, but the Golden Knights proved they have heart. 

And that's what this season is going to come down to. Having heart and finding ways to overcome the hurdles thrown in their way. Whether that be what goalie to start as the playoffs continue or what to do without leading scorer, Max Pacioretty, fans definitely got a lot of answers to these questions during Tuesday's game. 

Starting with the second question, William Karlsson, Nate Schmidt,  Mark Stone,  Willaim Carrier, and Chandler Stephenson all stepped up on offense to make up for the loss of Pacioretty. That is the offensive spark that the Knights needed heading into the start of the postseason and is a promising sign that they can at least hold their own against the best in their division. 

As for the first question, however, Robin Lehner had three goals scored on him, a save percentage of .889 and 27 shots attempted against him. Those aren't the worst numbers possible, and Lehner did a serviceable job defending the goal. Still, it will be interesting to see what Marc Andre Fleury can do during the round-robin portion of the playoffs.  

Now let's talk about the third period because that is where it looks like the Golden Knights have something spectacular going on. Not only was that evident by the four goals they managed to score during that period, but also by how Lehner was able to step up keep Dallas from scoring. 

If nothing else, that's the kind of grit that this team is going to need heading into a very uncertain playoff picture, and it's good that they are showing it early.


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