Las Vegas Tour de Summerlin Cycling Event

Driving around Las Vegas you're sure to see many people biking around town either casually or dressed as if they're training and/or competing for a professional race! The weather in Vegas is optimal, with an average of 294 sunshine-filled days each year for bike enthusiasts & cycling professionals alike to get outdoors and enjoy the sport of cycling! 

One event that draws cyclists of every skill level, from all over the United States and the globe who want to experience Las Vegas, is the Tour De Summerlin. The event, normally held in April, was postponed to November 7th, 2020. 

This year the event celebrates its 20th anniversary hosting Las Vegas’ and the Southwest's most scenic bike rides. Las Vegas is continually ranked as one of the top places to cycle in the entire Southwest. Cyclists plan their entire trip to Vegas around this specific event!

The Las Vegas Tour de Summerlin Cycling event offers three different rides: 20 miles, 40 miles, and 80 miles.  I myself am a casual cyclist.  I have personally participated in three of the Las Vegas Tour de Summerlin Cycling events and they were fantastic!  I opted for the 20-mile ride which honestly seemed a bit overwhelming to me when registering. Having only rode around my neighborhood, I was a little apprehensive about 20 miles but I did it! I just took my time, enjoyed the view of & from the Las Vegas Mountains & rode it out. It went fast & it was so much fun! 

Individual entrants registering for the Las Vegas Tour de Summerlin Cycling event can be as young as 16 years old or parents have the option of adding a child rider if interested in making it a family affair and riding a bicycle with a child tandem trailer attached.  Also, for those visiting Las Vegas & are not able to bring your own bike, they do offer rentals. This is great if you're traveling light but still want to want to come to Las Vegas & experience this event but aren't able to bring your own bike.  

The Las Vegas Tour de Summerlin Cycling event is held in Downtown Summerlin which is approximately 13 miles off the Las Vegas Strip and everyone is welcome to join in on the fun!  *Please refer to the official website for registration information* 

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