Cheapest lunch in Las Vegas

There are a few places in Sin City where one can get a great deal on food and Ocean One Bar & Grill is one of them. This nondescript diner is simply amazing. It is not the most extravagant or the biggest diner, but one thing it does have is the best prices when it comes to food. You can get a decent, filling lunch.

The lunch deal is set at $4.99 and the food quantity is just right for one adult.

There are over a dozen dishes to choose from, but the two best are the pasta dishes and the burgers. Plus if you love alcohol, then you are in luck, you can get three drinks for $10.

The service is not bad once you are seated, but because the place offers a great deal on lunch, it's usually packed solid. Thus, wait times to be seated can vary from 20-40 minutes.

This is not the kind of Strip cafe where you would easily spend over $100-$200 for a meal. Here it is $5 so there is little to complain about. 

Overall, the majority of people have lunch at Ocean One think it is a great place and would come again. If you hate waiting for a table the restaurant also has a take out option where there is no wait. So if you want to eat at your hotel without the hustle of the crowds, order take out. It is definitely worth it.

Ocean One is located in the mall area inside Planet Hollywood.

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