Pickleball Courts in Las Vegas

If you've never played pickleball, I must warn you- it's an addictive sport!  Not only that, but pickleball also happens to be amongst the fastest growing sports because everyone can play it! 

Pickleball is a low-impact sport similar in play to tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Sounds like fun, right? To start a game, you'll need two or four players, pickleball paddles, and a plastic pickleball (similar to a Wiffle Ball). The ball is hit over the net by the players to try and score. Because pickleball is a low-impact sport, players can enjoy the benefits of the game without the stress of excessive strains on the hips, shoulders, knees & joints. 

There are many public parks in Las Vegas that have pickleball courts & some include: 

  • Bill Briare Family Park           650 N Tenaya Way            Las Vegas, NV 89128 

  • Whitney Ranch Recreational Center           1575 Galleria Dr           Henderson, NV 89014 

  • Oak Leaf Park           6303 Mesa Park Dr           Las Vegas, NV 89135 

There is also an option to experience & play pickleball indoors away from the elements at the Downtown Recreation Center: 

  • Downtown Recreation Center           105 W Basic Rd           Henderson, NV 89015 

There are three indoor pickleball courts located in the Downtown Recreation Center. There's a nominal fee to access the facilities; however, this is waived for veterans and seniors 60+ years of age. 

Whether you're a novice or an expert, pickleball is a sport that is fun for all ages and levels of athleticism to enjoy!  

*Please refer to official websites for hours of operation, fee schedules, program modifications and up-to-date information.  https://cityofhenderson.com/henderson-happenings/facilities/recreation-centers/downtown-recreation-center 

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