Should Las Vegas give up on Derek Carr? Here are the pros and cons of keeping the starter

1. Pro: Derek Carr is an established leader

Pro: Derek Carr is an established leader

Derek Carr has been called a lot of things throughout his NFL career, but a leader is probably the best description  While the Raiders could hand the reins over to Marcus Mariota or lesser  QB during the offseason, there's a good chance that they would be downgrading.

This doesn't mean that Carr is the future of the Las Vegas Raiders; he might just be the better choice while the team goes through a transition period.  Marcus Mariota might seem like an interesting opportunity in the short run, especially with what he did in his early days with the Tennessee Titans, but he is just too prone to injury. If they start him over Carr and he blows it, they will have to hand the reins back to a now confidence-shaken quarterback.

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